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The Plan...
The Plan...

Utilizing work already completed, a plan is being finalized to incorporate the bridge and a proposed walkway to encircle the Russells Point harbor. Through donations and sponsorships, the draft plan includes landscaping and benches along the path as well as strategically placed markers with brief descriptions memorializing the people and activities of that bygone era. Through private funding and a grant from the Logan County Commissioners, the Society already has completed the reverse engineering, and plans necessary for the project to begin in earnest are near completion.

The goal for the project is to provide a park type facility once again accessible to the public that can become a central feature for activities such as car shows, boat shows, art exhibitions, winter festivals, holiday or other celebrations and events.

People having connections with Indian Lake associate the bridge with memories of walking over the bridge between the old amusement park and dance hall, enjoying activities around the Russells Point harbor, or seeing the lighted bridge as a symbol of Indian Lake. The walkway is intended to promote scenic strolls around the harbor and over the bridge for everyone's enjoyment.

The Historical Society has identified two types of funding necessary to build and maintain this structure and walkway “Construction funding” will be used to initially complete the project and provide a small funding cushion. “Maintenance funding” will be required to operate and maintain the bridge and walkway after completion. At this time, only “Construction funding” is being addressed by the Society with the knowledge that continuing donation options, like bench sponsorships, will be available for maintenance funding into the future.

Plans for the Sandy Beach Bridge Project
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